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get there is a esolang(made by: User: Yayimhere) where need to use a stack to go to each line. else than that there is these operations:

w: push a number onto the stack
q: pop the bottom value of the stack
t: push a value to the stack as a ascii character.
fu: print the full stack from bottom to top
f: flip the bottom and top of the stack
st: read the top of the stack
tfu: push a full string onto the stack(first you need to put it in as morse code)
h: put in front of any operation to do user input
Hello: plus the top and bottom of the stack
World: minus of top and bottom cell
Cook: divide the top and bottom of the stack
max: print out the biggest number in the stack

now as i told before we need to refrence a line from a number in the stack by doing this:

goto s


goto st

you use @ for comments(you can not use space but you can use _) and for multiline use ""(but then they also need to be morsecode) and also every time you use a variable every operation that uses that variable will run unless you write lock before it use / to seperate commands on the same line strings begins and end # and ascii characters counts as strings To make function you just write:

(Name)*parameters*/code here/


 W a
 W b
 W world

You do not use goto in functions


000:divided by 0
-stack: you used the q command more than there where objects on the stack

extra things and notes

hello world:

tfu: #.... . .-.. .-.. --- / .-- --- .-. .-.. -..#

i think this works as a infinite loop

w 4 @make_the top of the stack 4
s = st @set_s_to_the_top_of_the_stack
goto s @goto_whatever_line_s_is
w 1 @put_a_1

a random script i made:

w 4
s = st
goto s
w 1/fu

get there has io