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Genome Code is a language developed by Digerati. The commands are only: A, T, C, and G.


  • TATA: Tells the "cell" to turn the trait on.
  • ATAT: Tells the "cell" to turn the trait off.
  • ATG: Tells the "cell" to create a protein.
  • ATC: Tells the "cell" what "amino acids" to access to build a protein.
  • TGA: Tells the "cell" to stop creating a protein.

Amino Acids

Syntaxing Amino Acids is not very hard once you know how.

  1. Write the Base (O or NH).
  2. Write any elements (This'll consists of C, H, N, O, P, or Ph)
  3. Write any subelements (This'll consist of C, H, N, or O)


  • O= Character variable
  • NH= Interger Variable


  • C= Equal to
  • H= Greater than
  • N= Less than
  • O= Unequal to
  • P= Equal to or Greater than
  • Ph= Equal to or less than


  • C= EXACTLY (case sensitive and "1" isn't "01")
  • H= Any interger greater than
  • N= Any interger less than
  • O= Inexact (case insensitive and "1" is "01")


NH-C-C a & 1
a is an integer variable that is EXACTLY equal to 1