Generic 2D Befunge

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Generic 2D Befunge
Paradigm(s) imperative, multi-dimensional
Designed by User:Alikberoff
Appeared in 2018
Memory system tape-based (2d)
Dimensions two-dimensional
Computational class Turing complete
Major implementations None Yet
Influenced by Befunge
File extension(s) .2b

Generic 2D Befunge is a language created in 2018 by User:Alikberov. It is, as the name suggests, a generic 2-Dimensional befunge-based language. It operates on both a 2-Dimensional variant of Befunge's tape as well as using a 2-Dimensional program.

Language Overview

Generic 2D Befunge is basically just graphical 2D-space with 10 colors. The commands are as such:

Color Command
BlacK Keen
Blue Branch
Green Gate
Cyan Call
Red Register
Magenta ...
Yellow Yield
White When
Silver Stop


Generic 2D Befunge was created by Alikberoff in 2018. There hasn't been much time for history to be made.


As Generic 2D Befunge is not compatible with Befunge. CodePen jsFiddle