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Gato is one of the least known esoteric languages. It first appeared on 27th August of 2009, as a remake of happyhelper5's Minecraft in Delphi. The language now is on its INFDVISY point, or 'InfiniteDevelopementofDivisionY'. The prototype of the language, is nowhere to be found. The language itself, was created by the Archivist .gato555, which is a Discord user now.

Type of Language

Gato is a a Anti-Sveltic language. In Greek, Sveltos, means fast. The language itself tries to be slow, so the memory of the computer system would operate must faster.


The Computer Language Gato, is now on INFDVISY-20236_2, which was created on 6th August. The first version is known as Gat344 MineDelphi.dpr. The versions continued in chronolgical order:


To say Hello , you must write: >Message 'hello' On a .gatito file, in which, you must open with the .txt extention. In order to open the .gatito file. there are two ways: Press Right click, and press open with: Notepad.Or create a .bat file and write: >Codex_File Language.Gatito Language.Pas >Message:Hello?This is an example of the Computer Language called Language

Old Commands

The commands of the previous versions, were the same as Delphi's, Object Pascal's, and Java.

Guide to current version

If you open the LANGUAGE_OPENER.bat, then Language.Gatito would be opened. If you open Linguistic.bat, then either Monk.gatitoimg or bartholomew.gatitoimg would be opened(NOTE: .GATITOIMG is an experimental branch of .iso, .png and .jpg images.). Gato.png is the logo. Lastly, LanguageGato.bat is a placeholder of the new Chrome extention. If you open it, then an automated direct to would happen.

Creators and Special Thanks

Gato555/Gat344:The original creator happyhelper5: Inspirator Thalassohora: Helper at L+++ programming BookLover_Greek: Archivist

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