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G* is an esoteric programming language made by User:M654z in 2015. G* was originally designed for code golfing.


p - Prints text
q - Creates a quine
l - Loops commands a certain amount of times
# - Everything after this symbol is ignored (a comment)
? - Asks for user input and stores it in a variable (1-9)
@ - Prints a variable
` - Creates an infinite loop
. - Sleeps for 2 seconds
p! - Prints something without a newline
; - Separates commands


The following is a Hello, world! program in g*:

p Hello, world!

This is a input/output example:

? 1;@ 1

This is an example of a loop:

l 5 p Hello, world!


A python interpreter of G* can be found at GitHub