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Fuun RNA is a graphic description language. It was defined for the task of the ICFP contest 2007 (“Morph Endo”).


The RNA of the extraterrestrial Fuun species (program) is a string of RNA bases, where a base is one of the following four letters: I, C, F, P. RNA is normally generated from Fuun DNA. The RNA is always read as a sequence of chunks of 7 bases each (and the DNA actually writes it in the same 7 chunks). Every 7 byte chunk encodes an operation, and all the operations of the program are executed sequentially, without any forms of flow control. There are 21 operations, 20 of which each have a single encoding to chunks, and every other code is interpreted as a no-op.

The output of an RNA program is an 8 bit deep RGB bitmap image of size 600x600 pixels.