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Frums is a slightly modified version of Smurf invented by User:A.


" pushes the string, surrounded by " s and may contain newlines, " and \ escaped by \, onto the stack. 
The example pushes "ok" onto the stack and pushes another onto the stack a string consisting of " , a newline and \ . 
+ combines 2 strings at the stack top. The string pushed first appears first in the resulting string. 
i inputs a string and pushes it onto the stack.
o outputs the string at the stack top.
h replaces the string at the stack top with its first char.
t replaces the string at the stack top with the rest of the characters except for the first char.
q places " s at the start and end of the stack top string.
p pops 2 strings from the stack and sets the first string specified variable to the the second string. 
g pops a variable name from the stack and pushes the variable's value onto the stack.