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FreakC is a clone of Batch and also compiles into Batch codes as well. There is nothing to say about the language really as it is the same as Batch (you can also writes Batch in it), but it adds drunk commands and memes, brainless quotes or "straight-up everyday swearing". Also, most of the commands are direct equivalents to those in Batch, but you know, got turned into swearing. The language is merely hurtful to write as it is just Batch scripting with "bad words" and no "fun" rules added like Intercal or Trumpscript. Technically, if you want to write Batch but you hate humans' existence and wonder wtf are you doing, then hell yeah if this language's good for you. For more info go to


This is a Hello, World! program written in FreakC:

Swear[fnc] Hello, World^!

As you can see, nothing too scary about it compares to other esolangs.

You can also prints out random numbers endlessly lIke A hAckeR using:


P/S: If you have read the language's documentation and feel offended by the language's syntax, I'm really sorry.