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FrancePROG is a french half-assisting programming tool (develops itself your ideas), that can only be opened in Microsoft Windows computers because of the fact that it's written in Batch. It is designed to be easy to understand, and having a totally familiar language, even if some words are more complex and mathematics-based. The syntax looks mostly like a programming language, and thus, he has a place in the programming world.


  • CTRL+E: writes.
  • CTRL+P: pauses the programm.
  • CTRL+V: defines a variable.
  • CTRL+C: defines a counting variable.
  • CTRL+D: asks the player a variable.
  • CTRL+I: insert an .bmp image.
  • CTRL+A: calls another programm, also opens another file.
  • CTRL+H: displays the help banner.
  • INSER: begins the programm.
  • CTRL+S: equals any other language's "if".
  • DEL: deletes the programm.
  • F11: creates a label.
  • F12: goes to a label.
  • CTRL+N: clears the programm's window.


Samples were taken from "log.html" after programming it.

Hello world

Alors en gros, on va commencer un programme.
Ce serait bien si on écrivait «Hello, world!».
Après, on arrête le programme un instant! C'est bien ça.