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FJZ (Flip bit and Jump if not Zero) is OISC by User:ChuckEsoteric08.

Program works like this:

a b

If both a and b is positive flip bit a and goto label b if not zero.

If only a is negative then create label b. If only b negative then output a and next 7 bits as ASCII character. If both negative halt the program


NFJZ is language based on FJZ, but it is more like ZISC instead of OISC. You need ot input memory, not program. Every second bit is command. If that bit is zero and next is also 0 then declare a label with name that is next 8 bit after zero that is before command, then ignore that bits. If bit 0 and next is 1 then goto label that is next 8 bits after that 1, ignore that bit. If command is 1 flip next bit.