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FAsm or FrostAssembly is a stack-based esolang made by User:WallGraffiti. It was inspired by Brainfuck and Forth.


FAsm uses the following forms of storage:

  • A stack
  • An accumulator
  • A "spare"

The stack is, as it's name implies, simply a stack. It holds a variable amount of integers.

The accumulator is a number which can be changed by the "p" procedure(see docs).

The spare is a non-standard but nontheless convenient third form of storage. It acts a bit like a box where you can't see the item in the box unless you take the item out of said box.


"Hi guy":

0 121 117 103 32 105 72
, x
? :l

(The above is the FAsm version of the "Hello World" program, shortened to "Hi guy" to make life easier)

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