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Welcome to Eul

Eul is an esoteric programming language. It has been desinged to be short and percise. It is a stack-based language.


Eul's name comes from words "eu", meaning "good" in latin, and "l", contradiction of word "language". It means "good language".


The only data structure in Eul is its single stack. This stack supports basic operations, such as push and pop, as well as other operations, including arithmetic operations, number to string conversion and others. Every item of stack is 32 bit integer.

Computational class

Eul has stack roll operations, which put the first item on stack to the back of stack or the last item on stack to the front. These operations make the language Brainfuck equvalent, thus Turing complete.

Example programs

  • Hello World
Hello, World!
  • Cat

(empty program)

  • Quine
this is quine
it is also quine
  • Print all ASCII characters

You can learn more about Eul at github