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If you wish to inquire about the exact makeup of the Esolangs Wiki and its ingredients, please do so below.

Trace Ingredients

This Wiki has been found to contain trace amounts of peanuts and milk, if you have any allgery or reaction to these ingredients please avoid direct interaction with the Wiki. However we have been able to trace down some exact sites that contain such, they are provided below with percent amount:

! Please approach these links with caution if you have any allergies to peanuts or lactose !

Nuts - 2.341% peanut
Noisette - 0.316% peanut
TBF - 0.083% peanut
Chef - 1.75% milk
Recipiescript - 1.08% milk
Dumbscript - 4.22% milk
RegexPL - 0.78% milk
Hello World In Esoteric Languages - 2.37% milk
Milk - 100% lactose