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ErrorFull中文(Or ErrorFullZ++) is invented by PSTF.

Error raise

Caption text
If…… Error message
You includes any library 引入标准库是一种偷懒的做法! *Delete all import command and then copy the library code into your program*
You used 真/假 or 阳/阴 其实,你可以把这些都替换成零和一的…… *Replace all boolean with 0 and 1*
You used any number less than 0 负数太抽象了!请改用正数! *Delete all negative sign*
You used any number greater than 10 人类只有十根手指!使用不超过十的数字,这样您的程序就可以用手指表示! *Modulo all number that greater than 10 by 10*
You used any variable indentifier name that more than 1 character 超过 1 个字符的变量名称太难输入!难道您不喜欢使用只有 1 个字符的变量名称吗?!!!!
You used _ character in indentifier name 下划线会使程序混淆,因此其他人无法阅读! *Remove all underlines in identifier names*
You used 释放() or 移除内存空间【】 干嘛要释放动态内存?难道你不知道当你的程序终止时,系统会自动释放它们吗?!
You used loops 循环会使你的程序令人困惑! *Replaces all loops with the code that do same thing*
You used #编译指示 难道你不知道像Sprict Underfurse这样的编译器不支持这个预处理器吗?!在 10 毫秒内删除它们!!!!! *Delete all #编译指示*
Your program is errorless 你的程序真是鬼斧神工,天衣无缝!但是我还是要搞一个错误出来,因为我喜欢。

Note that all errors are CE.