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English+ is an unreleased esolang designed by user:Redisnotblue


All statements in English can start with “Please”, similarly to INTERCAL.

English+ Equivalent
say Output the following text.
repeat Loop.
make Create a variable, function or class.
using Import a library.
ask Get user input.
if If statement.
otherwise Else statement.
or elif statement.
read Read a web article.

English+, like English, also has multiple keywords for the same function, e.g. say can be replaced with print, output etc.

Logic operators

English+ has three main logic operators - or, and, not.


Numbers in English+ are usually in word form, e.g. one, fifty-three etc. However, by importing the numbers module, you can use normal numbers as well, e.g. 1, 53 etc. Operators such as +, -, * and / follow the same rules and are written e.g. add, subtract etc. Again, importing the numbers module allows you to use symbols.


Hello World

Please say “Hello, World!”.


 Please say what the user says.

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