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Ecstatic is a Turing tarpit created by User:JWinslow23 in 2013. It is highly based off of MGIFOS and Unary, with one difference being that the instructions are different.


To make programs in Ecstatic, first make a program in BF. Then, convert it to binary according to this table.

BF Binary
+ 000
- 001
> 010
< 011
. 100
, 101
[ 110
] 111

Then, stick 001 at the beginning (this is not counted as a command) and convert to decimal. Then, write that number of exclamation points.


Cat program (one time input)

The BF program ,. would have 108 exclamation points.

Cat program (looped)

The BF program ,[.,] would have 7,079 exclamation points.

Hello, World!

To print "Hello, world!" you would need 24,866,256,684,781,338,733,321,022,194,929,619,017,923,951,399,467,222,375,071,721,694,990,877,932,162,871,254,860,804 exclamation points.

...Minor setback.