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Dunka! is an esoteric programming language made by User: Areallycoolusername in 2006. The name comes from the incorrect spelling of the German word "danke" in a club penguin chat. There are six commands in the language. And those are "D, U, N, K, A, and !".

Command Function
D Prints a value
U Uses a value
N nullifies a value.
K Kills process (used to end loops)
A Asks for user input
! Insert value and marks value

The Dunka! language is cell-based, and utilizes ASCII decimal codes. It also has two extra codes called 30 and 03 to start and end loops. Kill process is only here to end infinite loops. E asks for user input and can only accept strings and integers in their ASCII format. N nullifies or deactivates a value, since there is no delete command. U uses a value and is also used by D to print a value. All arithmetic symbols are in ASCII format. You insert values by just typing the ASCII code. D prints a value given to it by U. And ! inserts a value. U can be used right after a ! command for easier use. Here's a hello world program in Dunka!

! 72-101-108-111-32-119-114-100 U
D 72-101-108-108-111-32-119-111-114-108-100

Programs are easier to write than it looks in this language.