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drunkscript is a esolang(made by User:Yayimhere) based on the description of the english dictionary. you may wonder why it is called drunkscript. well that's because that scripts look like they where written by a drunk person

word formatting description
preponderant A preponderant B is A bigger than B
abb A abb find the entropy of A. A is a list
ask ask(A) start of a if statement. A is the statement
sub sub sub is for if a function has a variable that can be set with the function
huh huh A see whats the most different from the rest of the list A
ton ton whats the biggest number in the script
that that A go/be/equal too/is B define variable. A is its name and B is what it is
say say A print A
t.u. u.t.A stands for toxic unit. check how toxic the list A is
un- un-A inverse of A
pow A pow B A-B
fast A fast B A is a function. that function gets ran B times.
order order A run function A
-ade A[B]-ade print the B'th location in the list A
cad A cad of B add A to the list of B
add A add B add A to B
now now A add before a the operation A to say that it is being done again but differently
fub fub end the program
less A less B check if A is less than B
and A and B for if statement. check if both A and B is true
or A or B is A or B true


to check for entropy drunkscript first we check the difference of all possible pairs of two numbers then we take the average
the t.u operation it measures it be seeing how many of the numbers in the list add to form 0

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