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DigFiles is an esoteric programming language invented by User:Yamaserif.


  • The folder will contain "0 or more folders" OR "0 to 1 file".
  • The extension does not affect the processing.
  • The ActionId is the order of execution in "ascending order in case of case-insensitive string comparison of ordinal numbers". (Corresponds to "StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase" in C#.)
  • The VariableId should be an integer value.
  • The uninitialized variable value is a random number value from 0~99. (In this case, the calculation method of the random number value is not specified.)

(Note that '《' and '》' should not be written when actually filling in the form. ) (The ".《arbitrary character》" can be omitted.)

folder name

notation meaning
《ActionId》.《arbitrary character》 [Action block (definition)]A block of actions (executed in the same hierarchy in the order of the youngest action id)
《#ActionId》.《arbitrary character》 [Action block (definition)]A block of actions (only executed in [Action block (call)]

file name

notation meaning
《Command》.《arbitrary character》 [Action piece]Action
《%ActionId》.《arbitrary character》 [Action block (call)]Calling action

File Contents

Multiple arguments separated by spaces (see "Command" for details) When "《VariableId》" is an argument, the value set in the variable can be interpreted as "VariableId" by writing "《*VariableId》".


Command Variable Action
set 《VariableId》 《value》 assignment
copy 《VariableId》 《VariableId》 Copying Variables
in 《VariableId》 1 character input (utf-8)
out 《VariableId》 1 character output (utf-8)
loop 《VariableId》 《VariableId》 《ActionId》 Performs the specified action while the values of the two variables are not equal.
add 《VariableId》 《VariableId》 Add the second variable to the first variable

Computational class

This language is Turing-complete. Because Brainfuck's interpreter can be implemented.

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