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Derpodce is a tape-based esoteric programming language influenced by Derpcode. Derpodce consists of two objects: a bounded tape of one-initialized binary values, and a pointer.


Derpodce has five commands.

Command Description
preh Flip the current bit.
pred Increment the pointer.
pred-a Decrement the pointer.
. Set an ASCII character from stdin and store it in the current bit and the next seven bits.
! Write the current bit and the next seven bits to stdout as an ASCII character.

All non-command symbols are ignored. Additionally, the two punctuation commands are ignored unless preceded by either another command or a whitespace character.

The tape is left-ended, and initializes with all zero-valued cells. A tape[-1] cell exists to index the last cell of the tape (as in Python).

A Derpodce program is terminated by flipping the 0 cell, decrementing the pointer into the -1 cell, and executing the print command. The last line of all derpcode programs is therefore preh pred-a! In any other context, non-incrementing commands are ignored while on the -1 cell, so it's best not to go there.