Deadfish 2

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Deadfish 2 is a superset of Deadfish made by m654. As well as an accumulator, Deadfish 2 has a string which can be set using the input command.


Deadfish 2 has nine commands, five of which are new.

Command Description
i Increment the accumulator.
d Decrement the accumulator.
s Square the accumulator.
o Output the accumulator.
O Output the string.
c Output the accumulator as a character.
n Set the accumulator to 0.
r Read input and store it in the string.
h Halt the program


Hello world!

This program prints "Hello world".


Cat program

This program reads the input and copies it to the output.



  • The official Deadfish 2 interpreter can be found at GitHub here.
  • An interpreter written in C can be found here