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dash-end is a simple programming language using some unicode characters

It has a programm counter and walks down the lines and executes their code

Commands and Syntax

Code Meaning
øN X appends / overwrites a line with the number N with the statement X
¡V X (statement) sets variable V to the expression X
¢V (expression) the content of the variable V
N (expression) the float N
(statement) exits the programm (requiered)
¤N (statement) go to the line N
--# V (statement) prints the value of the expression V
#-- (expression) float input
? A B N (statement) goes to the line number N if expression A is equal to expression B


Truth machine:

ø10 ¡a #--
ø30 ? ¢a 0 50
ø30 ? ¢a 1 35

ø32 -þ
ø35 --# ¢a
ø40 ¤35

ø50 --# ¢a
ø60 -þ


interpreter written in V