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DOGO is one of the lesser known programming languages. In the original Usenet post, DOGO was described as follows:

Developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Obedience Training, DOGO heralds a new era of computer-literate pets. DOGO commands include SIT, STAY, HEEL, and ROLL OVER. An innovative feature of DOGO is "puppy graphics," a small cocker spaniel that occasionally leaves a deposit as he travels across the screen.

An actual language has been created resembling DOGO, although it does not implement puppy graphics.

The commands for this language are:

SIT       -- If the value of the current memory cell is 0, jump to STAY.
STAY      -- If the value of the current memory cell is not 0, jump to SIT.
ROLL-OVER -- Select the next operation in the operation list.
HEEL      -- Execute the currently selected operation.

The operations are:

0: increment current memory cell
1: decrement current memory cell
2: move to the next memory cell
3: move to the previous memory cell
4: input a byte and store it in the current memory cell
5: output the current memory cell as ASCII

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