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D-- is a cool language so someone make minecraft in it.

Command List:

PIZZA Functionality: Draws a rectangle on the canvas. Syntax: PIZZA x y width height

BURGER Functionality: Gets user input and stores it in a variable. Syntax: BURGER

SALAD Functionality: Displays a message. Syntax: SALAD message

SUSHI Functionality: Conditional check based on user input. Syntax: SUSHI condition code_block Note: Supports conditional execution of code_block if the condition matches the stored user input.

TACOS Functionality: Sets a variable value. Syntax: TACOS var_name value input_type Supported input types: 'TEXT' or 'NUM'.

STEAK Functionality: Checks variable value and executes code block if matched. Syntax: STEAK var_name var_type condition code_block Supported variable types: 'TEXT' or 'NUM'.

RAMEN Functionality: Adds a value to a numeric variable. Syntax: RAMEN var_name add

SANDWICH Functionality: Creates a label for code jumping. Syntax: SANDWICH label_name

CURRY Functionality: Jumps execution to a labeled block. Syntax: CURRY label_name

KFC Functionality: Clears the canvas. Syntax: KFC

Syntax Notes: code_block: Represents a series of commands separated by commas (,). Variables: Identified by a preceding $ symbol in the syntax.

Download: Here