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Designed by User:Blysarin
Appeared in 2022
Computational class Total
Reference implementation
File extension(s) .cube .dewy


Cube is an esoteric programming language made to emulate a 3D cube via a 2D text editor interface. The only files that can run Cube code end with extensions ".cube" and ".dewy".


The following text file represents a simple example of Cube code:

2  ....
   .  .
.( .v .1 .
.  .  .1 .
   .  .
   .  .
   .  .


- 2D representation of 3D coding interface.

- Code intuitively represents an unfolded cube

- Input/Output Functionality

- Is primarily run from two Stacks(Operation Stack and Char Stack)

- Special Functionality When Crossing Between Sides(Marked By Periods)

- One of the few languages that can be run from more than one extension(.cube and .dewy)

- Exclusively Coded in Python Meaning Source Code is Relatively Easy To Understand



- python version (>=3.0)

Supported Systems:

- Windows 10/11

- GNU/Linux(Tested on Ubuntu 20.04)

Install Cube and Run Cube File

$ git clone
$ cd Cube-Language-Interpreter/src
$ python3

Then enter your .cube or .dewy file name when prompted


Ethan Muchnik - Implemented All Interpreter Code and Wrote Original Language Specification

Cynthia Wang - Wrote Original Language Specification

Almutwakel Hassan - Wrote Original Language Specification

Specification was developed in the Esoteric Programming Class in CMU.