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Cell is Turing-complete language founded by OsmineYT in 2019. The sense of making this language is simple: make an Turing-complete language first instead of irregular languages.


Command Description
j<cell number> jumps to cell
n next cell
p previous cell
a<number> assigns number to current cell
+ changes current cell state by adding 1
- changes current cell state by substracting 1
. prints an ASCII character from the value of current cell
, gets user's input and store it in current cell
{ If the current cell is equal to 0, move ahead to the next }
} If the current cell isn't equal to 0, move back to the previous {

(Statements "{" and "}" are maded by User:JonoCode9374.)


Hello, World! program:

j0 a72 . a101 . a108 . . a111 . a44 . a32 . a87 . a111 . a114 . a108 . a100 . a33 .

This prints "Hello, World!".

cat program:

j0 , .

Rebember it's one-time cat.


A simple python interpreter