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Caeos, pronounced "Say oss", is an esoteric programming language that could produce anything at run time it was made by Areallycoolusername. This is similar to Snowflake except it doesn't slowly perform the function it was originally meant to perform.


Caeos is based off of Chaos Theory, a branch of mathematics that "focuses on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions." In this language, that means that when the program is run, depending environmental factors such as the code, the program may perform something completely different than its original purpose. There are 3 principles that make something chaotic according to Robert L. Devaney: 1. it must be sensitive to initial conditions 2. it must be topologically mixing 3. it must have dense periodic orbits The third criteria, means the chaotic situation must return to its original position after a certain number of times or lenth of time. Since this would make Caeos too much like Snowflake, it's omitted. So this language basically does whatever it wants.


The initial conditions Caeos take into consideration is the may the code is. For example, if the code is in a line, the program notices that. If the code has multiple capitalized letters in a word, such as "PrInT", the program notices that. The list goes on. However, a lot of the time, conditions don't matter to the program at all. In this language the only command is print.(Because I'm not going to spend hours on a chaotic language that I'll never get back.) That command is "{{}}". The opening brackets come before the thing you want to print, and the closing brackets come after. However, it doesn't even matter what you put, because you can get something entirely different.

Hello World Program

{{Hello, world!}}
Anything not between brackets is ignored, so this is a comment.
This program may or may not result in the output being hello world.


If you have any implementations for this language, feel free to put it here. It could be a nice challenge.