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Cactusi is an esoteric programming language created by Areallycoolusername. Instead of code being made of text or numbers, you code in this language is made by underscores (_), vertical bars (||), and equal signs.


These there symbols don't add up to codes either. Instead you use them to make drawings similar to the no internet game on chrome. A sample program looks like:

     ||    ||  
   ==||   =||=

However, this program doesn't do anything. All code has to to start with four underscores, all code has to end with four underscores. An underscore that dosen't start or end the code is used to print something. Since underscores are used throughout the program, you can create a quine. Here's a chart with commands.

Command Function
Underscore(_) Print
Equal(=) 1
Vertical bar 0

As you can see, the code is binary, vertical bars are 0 and equal signs are 1. The "cacti" in the program, can only be 3 characters high. They can only be 3 characaters long. You would think that the cacti are in a 9 character max block, but they arent. They're in a 7 character max block since the cacti has to start with one (||) sign. No other symbols other than an underscore are allowed next to the starting (||) sign. The starting vertical bars don'the count towards the binary code you're coding. Which means:

      ||    ||  < Only this line
    ==||   =||= < and this line are read.
     ^     ^
   This  & this are also read during execution.


Code is read from the bottom up. Code is also read from left to right.