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C flat --, or C♭--, is an esolang created by User:Coder07 that is entirely composed of functions and values (e.g. "Hello world", 12345). It has nothing to do with C Flat.


Values are strings and numbers. There are also other value types that can be created through functions. Functions work how you'd expect, the function name followed by the arguments in parentheses, separated by commas. Parameters surrounded by parentheses are optional, and ones ending in an asterisk (*)

Function name Parameters Description
add, sub, mul, div a, b Adds/subtracts/multiplies/divides a and b
if condition, function, (else) Runs function if condition is 1, otherwise runs else
input (prompt) Prompts the user for text input
output value Adds value to the output
key (character) Returns if key character is held, or the list of all held keys (as strings)
list items* Creates a list with items
index index, list Gets item index of list
find value, list Finds the first occurrence of value in list
setindex index, value, list Returns list with item index replaced with value
setvar var, value Sets var to value (If the variable is set to a function, it can be called like you'd expect)
getvar var Returns the value stored in var
function parameters, code Creates an anonymous function (parameters should be a list and code should be a string)
less, equal, greater a, b Returns 1 if a is less than/equal to/greater than b, otherwise returns 0
and, or a, b Returns if a and/or b are equal to 1
number, string value Coverts value to a number/string
char value Converts a number to its Unicode character. If value is a list of numbers, it returns a string with every item in value converted to its Unicode character.
charnum value If value only has one character, then it returns the number of it in Unicode. If it has multiple characters, it returns a list of each character as a number.


Hello world

output("Hello world!")






No interpreter is available yet, but I'm working on one.