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The CAR# logo
The official logo of CAR#
The title of this article is not correct because of technical limitations. The correct title is actually CAR#.

CAR# is a esoteric programming language from 2023 by User:Niko Strauch inspired by brainfuck. Similar to brainfuck CAR# works by moving a cursor across a two dimensional array. The name CAR# originates from the car like cursor and the grid is represented by the #.



At the point of 12/17/2023 there only exists version 1, or short v.1. Every feature labelled with v.2 or v.3 is currently in the process of making. v.1.0 features 10 simple control commands and a simple dialog GUI and v.1.1 adds a full filesystem. It is capable of reading and writing .car# files and can get set to automatically open when double-clicking a .car# file.

v.2 (in development)

The coming v.2 will feature at least 12 simple control commands and a visual debugging GUI.

Syntax and commands

CAR# v.1 only uses 10 single letter commands to control the car across a 1024 by 1024 array starting in the top left corner facing down (180°).

Command List
CAR# Command Description Release Version Notes
^ Moves the car one cell foreword v.1
/ Turns the car 90° clockwise v.1
\ Turns the car 90° counter clockwise v.1 Sometimes the backslash gets recognised as a control character. In this case use \\.
+ Adds one to the cell that the car is standing on v.1
- Subtracts one of the currently occupied cell v.1
= Outputs the raw integer value of the current cell v.1
> Outputs the value of the current cell as a ASCII character v.1
< Each time this command is called it replaces the value of the current cell with the current input character v.1
[...] while the value of the current cell is not zero the commands in the brackets get called v.1 Due to infinite loops not working in v.1 you have to decrease the value of the cell in the loop.
{...} copies the value of the current cell and repeats the operations in the brackets this amount of times v.2


Hello, World!

This is the standard program for almost every programming language. It outputs the words Hello, World!. Note that this version of Hello, World! is very stupid and bad designed.



This is a very simple program that repeats the input.


Interpreters, external links and more

I myself wrote a small CAR# v.1 interpreter in Python and as far as I know this is the only one in existence. Feel free to write and publish other or better interpreters to the GitHub. More coming soon!!!

Niko Strauch (talk) 18:08, 17 December 2023 (UTC)