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CALESYTA is an Argentinian contest of esoteric programming language design first held in 2016. Under the current rules, it is completely free-form, with no theme or other restrictions specified. The name stands for "Concurso Argentino de Lenguajes Esotéricos y Tarpits", translated as "Argentinian Competition of Esoteric Languages and [Turing] Tarpits".


2016 CE

The 2016 CE competition- the first one held- started in October and ended on 2016-11-16.

Submissions to the competiton on this wiki are:

As of January 2017, the pages associated with the contest have been taken down from the website without explanation and without any winners being announced. It is unclear why the organizers never selected a winner or whether another iteration of the contest will be attempted.

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See the CALESYTA contest homepage for additional information