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C+ is C++ but all functions are subtracted by 1.
(Note: Characters that are changed still perform the same function.) Specific character changes from C++:

# is {
> is ;
; is >
< is =
= is ~
{ is |
} is ?
" is ^^

These changes make it hard to program for people who know (very hard)C, C#, (very hard2) C++, C+-, C+=, C<x<C, C64 and C--.

Additionally, all C+ programs have to be 1 continuous line, or the program will fail, and must contain the declarative statement


However, comments are completely exempt from this rule and can be placed anywhere.

Whitespace must be notated with ;;;whitespace;;;

The file extension for C+ is



Hello, World!

THATSCPLUSCODENONOTCPLUSPLUSCPLUS{includ =iostrea; usin namespac st> in mai()|cou == ^^Hello World!^^ == en>retur -1>?
@&&@This is a comment in C+
This is an amazing
multi line comment
in C+


C+ was created by a programmer with ≈6.5 hours of sleep in a fit of nonconformity. [citation needed]