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Not to be confused with Bitfuck

BytFuck is a brainfuck derivative which means it's inspired by the brainfuck esoteric language.

The "thing" that makes this unique

This language is exactly brainfuck but in original brainfuck you had a pointer pointing to a cell in a tape.
Now there are 2 pointers, 1 pointer pointing to a cell, but the other pointer is pointing to a bit in that cell.

I didn't understand

I know that you didn't.

Let's say this is normal brainfuck with the pointer, the cells, the tape, well in this brainfuck there are two pointers.
The first pointer is pointing to a cell, like normal brainfuck.
One cell is made by 8 bits (1 byte), 8 bits looks something like this: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Now there is one pointer pointing to a bit, which bit points? Is pointing to a bit in a byte, the same byte pointed by the other pointer.
And when you move the other pointer, this pointer also moves to the other byte.

New instructions

Instruction Description
Move bit pointer to right
Move bit pointer to left
* Flip pointer bit
! Make bit pointer to point the first bit in the cell
( ... ) Executes the code inside of the parenthesis if the pointed bit is 1