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ButWhy is an esoteric language created by User:Rehydratedmango, designed to cause programmers to repeat the language's name as many times as possible while using it. Commands in ButWhy are represented in binary, encoded in base-64. Each base-64 character is placed on a grid, and the program starts reading characters from the top left. The / and \ characters divert program execution like mirrors. Once 4 bits of information have been read, the corresponding command is executed. The ? character will skip over the following character if the stack has a 0 on top. An example of program flow:


The program follows the S shape, reading each character (represented by the #s).


Command (binary) Description
0000 Push a 1 bit onto the stack, unless it is a Monday and the program doesn't feel like it.
0001 Pop the top bit off of the stack and ethically recycle it.
0010 Nor the top two bits on the stack.
0011 Duplicate the top bit on the stack and provide therapy to the bits with identity crises.
0100 Remove the bottom bit from the stack and push it on top. Print "Jenga" if the stack falls over.
0101 If the top bit on the stack is a 1, pop it and rewind the program to the previous 0101 command, continue from there.
0110 Rip bits off of the stack like an angry toddler until there is a 0 bit on top.
0111 Push the program off a cliff, shattering the source code into bits.
1000 Rudely mug the user for an input in binary, which is pushed onto the stack one bit at a time starting from the righthand side.
1001 Pop the top 8 bits off the stack and output them as an ASCII character.
1010 Pop the top bit off the stack and output it, unless it is the 17th bit on the stack, because they had a falling out with the program.
1011 Tell a joke. That's... that's it.