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Built-out is a stack-based work-in-progress esoteric programming language created by User:Bo Tie that appears to have built-ins, but doesn't.


Before running: push each character of input to stack 2

Command Function
a go to start of script if stack 2 is not empty
c drop item of stack 2 and push it to stack 1
h duplicate top of stack 1
r convert character (1-9) at top of stack 1 to integer if possible
t if not last 't' in script, swap stacks 1 and 2; otherwise do nothing but EOF can return here unless 'u' disables it
u toggle eof loop if top item of stack 1 is falsy
EOF pop item of stack 1 if stack 1 is not empty, then go to previous 't' if stack 1 is still not empty, terminate if previous 't' does not exist or stack 1 is empty


Cat program:


Truth machine: