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Brainfuck Substitutor (also known as BF Substitutor or BFS) is an extension of Brainfuck that allows you to substitute parts of the code for variables.

There are two ways to write a program: In succinct mode, or in verbose mode.

By default, programs are read in succinct mode. To run in verbose mode, use the command line flag -v.

First, I will provide an explanation of how programs are read in verbose mode.

Verbose Mode

Programs are written by assigning code to variables, like such:


Once BFS has read this line, all read code after that will have the character a substituted for +++++.

You can also assign variables using existing variables, like so:


This will set a to +++++, b to aaaa, or equivalently ++++++++++++++++++++.

This will output the character (, with character code 40.

Due to the way this works, you can redefine characters in BF.


The above program will set the character + to be replaced with +++++. This will output (, with character code 40, as the are eight + symbols on the second line.

Succinct Mode

In succinct mode, variables can only be assigned on the first line.

To define a variable, you remove the = sign:


Will set a to ++++

Remember the previous program I showed you in verbose mode, that looks like this:


In succinct mode, you would rewrite it as this:


Note that in this mode you may use = as a variable name unlike in verbose mode, but in this mode you cannot use any of +-<>[],. as variable names.

Also note that programs in succinct mode are required to have at least two lines of code.

Hexadecimal Output

This is a command line argument that allows you to output in hexadecimal, for debugging purposes.

To output in lowercase hexadecimal, use -h. For uppercase hexadecimal, use -H. If, for some odd reason, you specify both -h and -H flags, -H will override.

Running BFS

Currently there is only a Java interpreter, available here.

Usage: java -jar BrainfuckSubstitutor-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar [args] <filename>
    -v : Interpret in verbose mode
    -h : Output in hexadecimal
    -H : Output in hexadecimal (upppercase)

Arguments must always come before the filename. Arguments can be combined, like so:

java -jar BrainfuckSubstitutor-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -vh myfile

This will run the same as:

java -jar BrainfuckSubstitutor-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -v -h myfile