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Paradigm(s) functional
Designed by
Appeared in 2021
Type system untyped
Memory system stack-based
Computational class Turing complete
Reference implementation
Influenced by Combinatory Logic, Lambda Calculus, Gabriel Lebec
File extension(s) .birb, .bird,

Birb is an untyped, purely functional language based on Lambda Calculus and Combinatory Logic.

Language overview

The birb language is entirely comprised of bird emojis.


Symbol Name Lambda Calculus Combinatory Logic Bird
🐦 :bird: \a.a I Ibis
🦤 "dodo: \a.aa M Mockingbird
🪶 :feather: \abc.acb C Cardinal
🦜 :parrot: \abc.a(bc) B Bluebird
🐔 :Chicken:
🦅 :Eagle:
🐤 :Baby Chick:
🦃 :Turkey:
🐧 :Penguin:
🦉 :Owl:
🦚 :Peacock:
🕊️ :Dove:
🍗 :Poultry Leg:
🦆 :Duck:
🐓 :Rooster:
🦢 :Swan:
🐣 :Hatching Chick:
🐥 :Front-Facing Baby Chick:
🦩 :Flamingo: