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Through some obscure corner of the Wayback Machine, User:BoundedBeans managed to find early specifications for the Befunge-96 and Funge-97 languages, predecessors of Funge-98.

Befunge-96 spec (a draft, marked "Edit #4"):

Funge-97 spec (dated Oct 31, 1997):

Other external resources

  • The original MTFI interpreter site, which links to the above specs
  • A github archive of MTFI for Unix to run programs in Befunge-93, Befunge-96, or Funge-97 (up to 7 dimensions!). The link in the description (not README, but the short memo), is where User:BoundedBeans found the MTFI site that led to the original specs.
  • Mirror of the above
  • MTFI is also available in various dimensions and versions on