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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

Befreege is an Esolang invented by PSTF. You're free to edit this Esolang.

Requirements for commands

  1. No joke commands
  2. No uncomputable commands
  3. Half-width characters only
  4. Must only 1 character

Original commands

See also Befunge.

Addition by PSTF

Caption text
Code Mean
I Input a decimal and push it into the stack.
O Output the top element of stack as a decimal.
i Input a full line of strings and push all of its characters Unicode into the stack until the EOL is read, then push 0.
o Output full stack element from top to bottom as an character and then clear the stack.
; Jump over the commands between two semicolons.
R Reverse the whole stack.
h Move the pointer upward, not north.
l Move the pointer downward, not south.
' Longitudinal IF: Pop a, if a is zero go downward, otherwise go upward.
A Push 10.
B Push 11.
C Push 12.
D Push 13.
E Push 14.
F Push 15.
G Push 16.
H Push 17.
Ï Push 18.
J Push 19.
[ Turn the pointer to left at 90 degree. For example, When the pointer go to east and encounters this command, it will go south.(Turn on (1, 0, 0))
] Turn the pointer to right at 90 degree.
{ Roll the pointer to left at 90 degree.(Turn on (0, 1, 0))
} Roll the pointer to right at 90 degree.
( Flip the pointer to left at 90 degree.(Turn on (0, 0, 1))
) Flip the pointer to right at 90 degree.
b Bounce back the pointer. For example, when the pointer encounters a b command in the right direction, its direction will be changed to the left.


Cat program


Hello, world!

>              v
v"Hello World!"<

A+B Problem on float