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Bedroom is an esolang made by User:AmNow


Specification Notes

In Bedroom, the program should look like a messy child’s bedroom. The instruction pointer starts on cell (0,0) and starts moving right.

^ This cell.

Programs must have at least 1 🛏. See below.

The actual commands

⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️ - Move instruction pointer to where it is pointing at.
🛏 - Halt. 
📗- Increment value memory pointer is on.
🧸- Decrement value memory pointer is on.
🪄- Move memory pointer left.
🪆- Move memory pointer right.
🗄- Get input and store in memory pointer.
🗒- Output ASCII value of value memory points is on.
📐- If the value pointer is on is 0, turn 90° CCW.


Infinite loop




Truth Machine