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BallisticScript is a language created by Microbyte that is based on using a cannon to fire at the memory field to influence it.


You use a cannon to fire at a field of memory, and the impact angle acts as the command. There is one "register" that contains one character of information.


You start off by creating a memory field similiar with the syntax: +++


+++ , where "-" means nothing/empty, and a "+" denotes the border of the table. Then you control the cannon via the the


and move the cannon via


Where the projectile lands impacts what happens. If it lands at a valid tile, then an angle>10 then the place where the projectile landed is set to the register, if 20>angle>10 then the character stored where the projectile landed is printed, if 30>angle>20 then the value of the character that the projectile landed on in ascii is added to the register, if 40>angle>30 then the value of the register in ascii is added to the tile where the projectile landed on, if 50>angle>40 then the register is set tot he value of the tile it landed on.









6: "hello"

3: "world"

2: " "


fire(20, 10, 10)

move(10, 10)


I have no clue what this code does, but I believe it may do something. I have not ran it, as I don't feel like it.


There is an implementation of it at: codeberg