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BadScript is an esoteric language created by User:Celerition in 2016. Its purpose is being a new scripting language.


BadScript currently uses these tokens in the lexer.

Token Meaning
DEFVAR Used to define variables.
SETOP = Operator.
ADDOP + Operator.
SUBOP - Operator.
MULOP * Operator.
DIVOP / Operator.
IDIVOP \ Operator.
EXPOP ** Operator.
EQUALS == Operator.
NOT ~ Operator.
NEGATE ! Operator.
ASSIGN = Operator.
ROOT // Operator.
MODULUS % Operator.
ISNOTNULL $ Operator. It returns true if the preceding expression is not null.

Metadata / Easter Eggs

  1. BadScript is a scripting language. It has 1 GUI, the console.
  2. It is VBScript-powered.