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BF Lite

BF Lite (or Brain**** Lite) is BF without input, output and arrays..

BF Lite is based off of Brainfuck

It was created by User:Yante

If you are making a BF Lite interpreter, Always start from the first cell!

Command Info
> Moves the pointer 1 cell further.
< Moves the pointer 1 cell farther.
+ Adds 1 to the cell the pointer is on.
- Subtracts 1 from the cell the pointer is on.


After you run this, the first 5 cells should be: 3,3,3,3,3


Python interpreter (Made on 3.9.4) by User:Yante

import time # Imports time module for displaying how long the program took to run.

code = "" # Your program. Do not change this to multiline! May break the interpreter
memory_size = 20 # How many cells to generate?
pointer = 0 # Where should the pointer be when program is run?

class BF: # The BF Lite class (responsible for running code)
    def __init__(self,code,size,pointer): # Save stuff to self variable on init
        self.code = list(code) # Your program
        self.size = size # Memory size
        self.pointer = pointer # Pointer location
        self.memory = [0] * size # Generates empty cells
    def run(self): # Run function (runs code)
        for i in self.code: # For every item (stored as i) in self.code (the program)
            if i == '>': # If item is >
                self.pointer+=1 # Go 1 cell further
            if i == '<': # If item is <
                self.pointer-=1 # Go 1 cell farther
            if i == '+': # If item is +
                self.memory[self.pointer]+=1 # Add 1 to cell
            if i == '-': # If item is -
                self.memory[self.pointer]-=1 # Subtract 1 from cell

bfthing = BF(code,memory_size,pointer) # initalize the BF runner
start_time = time.time() # Start time # Run the code! (The rest of the code will run after the program is finished.)
print(f"Code was ran! Took {start_time - time.time()}s")
print("Pointer Location:", bfthing.pointer)
print("Memory:", bfthing.memory)