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BFEnet (Brainfuck Extended for .Net) is an extended Brainfuck translator to C#. This language is focused on advanced console output. Memory size can be changed with command-line parameter. Microsoft .Net 3.5 or 2.0 command line compiler (csc.exe) is required to build translated BFEnet code.


BFEnet is backwards compatible with brainfuck with some changed behavior: input is not echoed, new line is CRLF(13,10), enter key gives CR(13) (like in bfd compiler's -n mode). The command set is the same as brainfuck's, with addition of the following:

Command Description
* Clear console window and reset cursor position.
^ Reset cursor position (to the top left corner).
{ Move console cursor up.
} Move console cursor down.
( Move console cursor left.
) Move console cursor right.
% Set foreground color based on the current cell value (0-15).
_ Set background color.
# Print address and decimal value of the current cell.
; Read next char from file to the current cell. (File is already opened for read).
= Switch to the write mode (erases file, must be used once).
: Write a char from current cell to the file (write mode must be on).
$ Sleep for N milliseconds (N is taken from current cell).
/ Comment line prefix.

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