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BF++ is an esoteric programming language invented in 2022 February. The creator did not feel like Brainfuck had enough features.

Syntax and functions

The language has 2 memory cells (If it was just Brainfuck but more features it would be easier) called down and up. Functions are separated by a space.

The language consists of 13 functions:

(any number) sets the value of the focused cell
+ :adds the two cells together, leaving the sum in cell down
- :exactly the same except negation
s :swaps the focused cell
i :takes input (must be a number)
inc :increases the value of the focused cell
dec :decrease ..
goto arg :jumps to a function (for the sake of fun it jumps one function earlier than the given number (goto -1 jumps to the start of the code))
d arg1 arg2 :essentially a while loop, jumps to arg2 (-1) arg1 many times (122 p d 97 0 ; prints the latin alphabet reversed)
u arg1 arg2 :exact same but used to count up (97 p u 122 0 ; prints the latin alphabet)
p :prints the ascii value of the cell (equalient to Brainfuck .)
o :prints the value of the cell (10 o ; prints 10)
dir :(for debug purposes only) prints the memory map (10 s 20 dir ; prints down:10 up:20)
; :ends the program.


Hello world:

104 p 101 p 108 p 108 p 111 p 32 p 119 p 111 p 114 p 108 p 100 p 10 p ;

printing the alphabet:

97 p u 122 0 ;

print the nth letter from the alphabet:

97 s i + s p ;

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