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Arraything is a programming language created while in class. It uses punctuation symbols, and brackets to program.

Inside Loop Symbols
Symbols Explanation
( Move Right on tape
) Move Left on tape
[ Add Selected Character on tape
] Subtract Selected
{ Multiply Selected
} Divide Selected
< Loop as many times as in the selected cell
> End the loop
, Print Selected as ASCII
. Print Selected as Number
? If Selected Cell is Not 0, Continue; else goto !
! From ?

The Language has a tape and a stack, for reasons.

Outside Loop Symbols
Symbol Definition
Start and End Loop
Start and End Program
( Pop Stack from Varible
) Push Stack from Variable
[ Define Var from Input* (Example: [var)
] Return/Print Var (Example: ]var)
{ Begin Interpreting BF (I ran out of ideas)
} Stop Interpreting BF
< Define Var from Top of Stack
> Define Var from Bottom of Stack
. Print Entire Stack
, Print Enitre Tape

(* you can’t name a variable a number, [var2 will put 2 into var)

Hello World-ish

’{>+++++++++[<++++++++>-]<.>++++++[<+++++>-]<-.+++++++..+++.>> +++++++[<++++++>-]<++.------------.<++++++++.--------.+++.------.--------. >+.>++++++++++.}’

Cat Program

’[cat ]cat’

An exempt at a true hello world program, basically just screwed up brainflakes

’” ([[[[[[[[[<)[[[[[[[[(]>),([[[[[[<)[[[[[(]>)],[[[[[[[,,[[[,(( [[[[[[[<)[[[[[[(]>),]]]]]]]]]],)[[[[,]]]],[[[,]]]]]],]]]]]]]], ([,([[[[[[[[[[,”’

We need more examples