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Anyways is an interpreted esoteric programming language designed and implemented in 2017 by User:Gusg21. It is supposed to read like a joke routine. See below for command information.


This is the command listing for Anyways:

There was a guy called (x): This sets the accumulator to the value (String or number) of x.

"Ow!" it said.: This prints the content of the accumulator.

"What are you doing?" they said.: Prompts the user for input then stores to the accumulator.

And then (x) happened!: Adds x to the accumulator.

But then (x) happened!: Subtracts x from the accumulator.

When (x) happened!: Multiply the accumulator by x.

Until (x) happened!: Divides the accumulator by x.

Knock Knock, (condition)


Who's there?



This takes a condition, and if it evaluates to true, does the commands until "Who's There?", at which point it skips to "Banana!". If the condition returned false, skip the code up until "Who's There?" and execute everything past that.

Then I forgot, (x)!: Stores the accumulator to memory slot x.

Then I remembered, (x)!: Reads the value at memory slot x into the accumulator.

That's all folks!: Ends your program. YOU MUST HAVE THIS AT THE END


Hello, World!

There was a guy called Hello World

"Ow!" it said.

That's all folks!

The first line sets the accumulator to "Hello World", the second line prints it, and the third line ends the program.


"What are you doing?" they said.

"Ow!" it said.

That's all folks!

The first line reads input into the accumulator, and the second line prints it. The third one ends the program.


There is one interpreter, written by User:Gusg21 in Python. [1]