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Animosian is a scripting language invented by User:Star651 on January 2, 2020, after receiving a high-tech vision in a dream in 2004 or 2005, realizing that such a language hasn't been invented yet, and realizing that he was destined to create this language. The name Animosian is a portmanteau (blended word) made from the words "animation" and "Osmosian", in tribute to the Osmosian Order of Plain English Programming, the creators of the Plain English programming language, the general-purpose programming language with statements that are valid English sentences to the point that a beginner programmer could learn it as their first programming language. However, unlike Plain English, Animosian is an application-specific scripting language designed specifically for creating animation, still computer-generated images, and could possibly be extended for use in video game creation. This language could become its own animation software, or perhaps in the future it can become integrated with existing widely-used animation tools. Similar concepts to this have been implemented in video games such as Scribblenauts, but these ideas deserve a scripting language that can be compiled into video/image/application formats, depending on if the script is an animation, an image, or a game. And no, Animosian has nothing to do with the Ben 10 TV series, but it's legal for us to use the word because they never used that word on the TV show, it was invented in fan communities. The name is a mere coincidence.


Animosian scripts are written in the form of English-language stories in the third person point of view; scripts are essentially descriptions of the events that occur in the animation. The Animosian compiler would contain a large database of words, and images that correspond to them; likely the compiler would contain manipulable images in a format such as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and the compiler could modify those images according to the script. The compiler would feature words of all kinds in its vocabulary so that objects can be modified and be put into action. For example, A large field with tall grass. A small, red ball is on the grass. The sun is shining brightly is a valid still image in Animosian, since the compiler contains an image of a field with grass, what a ball is, what the sun is, and of course it knows prepositions and other words, so you can say "The ball is on the field", or, "The ball is two feet outside the field". These are just still images, but it will also be able to make cartoon videos: There is a very small hill with a little blue rectangular building on top of it. The building has a pointed roof on top. There is a small glass door on the front of the building. A tall white woman opens the door and walks in. The door closes behind her. The inside of the building contains a wooden floor, wooden walls, and two small cushioned chairs. A short Asian man with a mustache is sitting on the chair on the left. The woman walks up to the chair on the right, walks around it, and sits on it, with her back to the back of the chair. The compiler would know the definitions of these words, it would be able to develop images from the color properties, nouns and actions in the script; if the script said that someone is holding something, the compiler would know that holding means that it is in their hands. If the compiler does not know a word, it will return an error, though perhaps a future version will be able to hook up to the Internet and allow user-generated original images; for example, proper nouns such as "Mt. Everest", "St. Paul's Cathedral", "Bill Clinton" or "Andy Warhol's Factory" might not be recognized at first, but perhaps an online database of user-generated, community-approved stock images in SVG format could be created. However, as many common nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and prepositions and their images should be recognized. Also, these images should be extremely manipulable, so if someone writes, "She grabs the chair with her legs and flips it over", it will be able to create the images necessary to create such an animation.