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AmBored-- is an esoteric language written by Is this the Krusty Krab. It is a Brainfuck derivative written in C++ which adds more commands and features very primitive graphics. It was named so due to the fact that I am bored, so I am making this for fun, and because it has less features than AmBored.


AmBored-- has an array the size of 64 by 64 cells, each cell represents a color.

Another feature of AmBored is a stack, which operates like a normal stack you probably studied in school, college, or your room at night instead of sleeping. The stack's size is 16.


The syntax is similar to Brainfuck syntax, with a few changes and additions.

CMD Description
> Move the memory pointer right
< Move the memory pointer left
V Move the memory pointer down
^ Move the memory pointer up
* Change the pointed cell's color
+ Set the pointed cell to white
[ Jump past the matching ] if the pointed cell is 0 (black)
] Jump back to the matching [ if the pointed cell is nonzero (not black)
, Input a number and write the LSB to the pointed cell
. Refresh the screen
( Push the value of the pointed cell to the stack
) Pop the top value of the stack to the pointed cell


As mentioned, the output is a screen of pixels, each with the color stored in them. There is also a command to refresh the screen. This is because the screen needs to be refreshed manually, to prevent the user from seeing the whole process of changing the frame.

Why? Because I said so.

The colors that can be represented by the pixels are white and black. Again, less than in AmBored.

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