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Almost Binary is a new esoteric, hybrid programming language written in C#. The project was originally created by Kevin Riedl.

The overall target of this programming language is to enable geeks to code in binary platform-independently.

The compiler consumes .abin-files which can only consist of 0s, 1s and spaces (other characters will be ignored (e.g. newlines, tabs) or cause an unexpected token exception).

The runtime consumes .wsdt-files which will be generated by the compiler.

Compiler, runtime and documentation can be found here.

Hello World

01001101011000010110100101101110 0010100000101001 01111011 
00101000 00100010 
00100010 00101001 0101001001100101011000010110010001001100011010010110111001100101 
0010100000101001 01111101

© Kevin Riedl,